Waldorf Style Dressable Dolls
Handmade from natural fibers and materials like wool, silk, and cotton, using traditional European doll-making techniques. Natural fibers are warm to the touch and feel more real, compared to synthetic and plastic materials used in the commercially produced dolls.

The wool stuffing absorbs the child’s warmth, producing a soothing effect. Its facial features are intentionally made very simple, which helps to spark the child’s imagination. Depending on the child’s mood, the doll can be happy, sleepy, sad, or even angry and crying.

Freya Jaffka in Toymaking with Children - "A doll is an image of a human being and is therefore the toy most suited to develop and enliven the self-image in the growing child."  

Hair colours:
  FlowerBullet Blonde
  FlowerBullet Light Brown
  FlowerBullet Brown
  FlowerBullet Black

Clothing fabric colours:
  FlowerBullet Artists blend of colours or specified through correspondence

Body colours:
  FlowerBullet Soft Pink

  FlowerBullet Beige
  FlowerBullet Brown











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